Life Insurance Costs

Most people believe that Life Insurance is expensive, and it can be if you’re not prepared. For instance, you may not be able to afford a Life Insurance policy with a benefit upon death of $1,000,000…but do you really need this much coverage especially at the cost?! If your families home is paid off, and the kids have gone to college, then the expense for your family to continue at their current lifestyle, wouldn’t be as high because most of the benefit (after funeral expenses) will be above what your family needs. However, if you owe $300,000. on your home, $40,000 in credit card debt, still making payments on your vehicle(s), then the amount of Life Insurance you’ll need will be greater in order to pay off all of these liabilities, plus funeral expenses and to cover any future expenses your family may need, such as college education for your children and retirement for your spouse.

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